Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems Standing seam roofing is the most reliable roofing material. The risk of leakage is excluded due to concealed fixing, reliable seaming, and absence of through holes, Standing seam roofing blends into architectural character of cities thus being applied for new building construction as well as for remodeling and renovation.



Effective Width

Crest Depth

Crest Distanee

Standing Seam

820 mm

50 mm

410 mm c/c Width 2ribs at the centre for stiffening

  1. On site roll forming thus single length sheet from Ridge to eave avoiding make weather
  2. The chance of leakage is eliminated if roofing is properly seamed Easy and quick to install
  3. Absence of through holes prevents perforation corrosion both at joints and on surface ensuring roofing ultimate durability.
  4. Suitable for very low sloped Roofs
  5. Industrial as well as Housing and other Applications it is Suitable for.
Base metal cold rolled steel. cold rolled steel cold rolled steel
Yield strength 240MPA 340MPA 340Mpa
Metallic  coating specification Z120 g/m2(gsm) AZM 150 g/m2(gsm) AZM 150g/m(gsm)
Paint type on top coat Regular Modified polyster (rmp silicon modified polyster(SMP) poly viny di-flouride (Pvdf2) Regular Modified polyster(rmp) silicon modified polyster (SMP) poly viny di-flouride(PVDF2) Non Colour
Product finish Matt finish, Glossy finish Matt finish, Glossy finish Natural
Masking using polythene guard films using polythene guard films using polythene guard films
Top coat thickness(dft) 18-20 microns minimum 18-20 micrins minimum  
Back coat Epoxy/pu/polyester Epoxy/pu/polyester  
Back coat thickness(dft) 5-7 micron minimum 5-7 micron minimum  
Total coated thickness 0.5 and above 0.5 and above  
Top coat color Refer our colour card Refer our colour card  
Back Coat Color Grey as per maill standard Grey as per mill standard  
Confirming standard ASTM A653/A653M, ASTM/A755/A755M, IS 277/IS 513,IS 14246,JIS 3312, AS 1397 ASTM A792/A792M / ASTM A755/A755M,IS 277/IS 513,IS 14246,JIS 3312, AS 1397 ASTM A792/A792M/ASTM A755/A755M, JIS 3322, AS1397