Z and C Purlins

Z & C Purlins

ALFAA Purlins, Girts & Eve Struts are secondary structural members used to support the wall and roof panels. The Z & C Purlins are used on the Roof, Girts are used on the walls and Eve Struts at the intersection of side walls and roofs. ALFAA Purlins, Girts and Eave Struts are designed in accordance of the American Iron and Steel Institue (AISI) then cold formed design manual. ALFAA sections may be used over single spans unlapped continuous and lapped continuous span in multi bay buildings. ALFAA Zed & CEE purlins designed and are available in two Standard Finishes i.e., Red Oxide, Galvanized.

  • IS 513/IS 277/IS 10748/IS 1079
  • G240 MPA/G340 MPA/G550 MPA, Z 120 GSM/Z 275 GSM & Z 180 GSM
  • G indicates Yield Strength in MPA & Z indicates Coating Mass in G/M2
Steel Grade
ALFAA Zed & CEE Purlins with punching
  • Industrial Buildings, Sheds, Warehouses
  • Where Strong Reliable Steel Framing is required
  • Railway Structural Projects
  • Telecommunication Tower
  • Sub Station Structures
  • Transmission Line Towers
  • Solar Power Projects
  • Hanger
  • Indoor Statium
  • Commercial Buildings
  1. It is Economical in terms of Steel Consumption, Transportation and no wastage.
  2. Sections are pre-engineered, pre-punched and with complete accessories. No further fabrication required. Considerable savings in erection costs and time.
  3. A full range of fixing accessories is supplied. Therefore no extra material needs be procured.
  4. High strength and Durability.
  5. The Truss-Spacing can be extended resulting in larger bays which in turn reduces the foundation costs and overall weight of the structure.
  6. Sleeve system to exploit continuity concept for larger spans.
  7. Conforming to the requirements of IS-801, IS-811.